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Learn the Rules of the Road by Attending Our Defensive Driving Instruction Courses

Welcome to Imperial Driving, your premier source for defensive driver training and instruction in Georgetown, and Halton Hills region. Our complete program begins with our unique and original lesson plan for defensive driver education. Our innovative approach to driving includes a highly interactive online course that will teach the basics and fundamentals of safe driving practices. Contact us today for detailed enrollment information 

Behind The Wheel Driving Training

Our behind-the-wheel instructors are armed with the latest concepts and techniques necessary to teach you how to become a safe motorist. We have developed our driving program with some of the best instructor in Ontario. Our driver training program is one of the most up-to-date and effective programs in the industry. The principal aspects of this program will not only teach you the basics of learning how to drive, but will also emphasize the importance of defensive driving and collision avoidance. 

Your Excellent Source for Driving Instruction

We are one of the largest and most respected driver training school in Ontario. In fact, we have helped thousands of drivers become safer and more confident over the years. Along the way, we have trained hundreds of our own instructors and decided to share some of what we've learned with you. To meet a variety of training needs, we offer a complete range of programs for people with or without experience. Our courses are designed to include one-on-one road training with a strong focus on road safety and accident prevention.